Group Coaching

Authenticity, confidence and presence are born through practice

Introducing GroundBreaking: an experiential group coaching program.

The verdict is in: the future of work is more human. We’re all tired of “business as usual” in which we must daily leave the fullest expression of ourselves at home in order to fit into a box. You may be feeling the constraint of Industrial Era expectations, like:

  • Have all the answers.
  • Keep your guard up.
  • Protect the soft underbelly of what you’re really feeling. 
  • Avoid uncomfortable conversations.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, mid-level manager or business leader, you can play your part in bringing more humanity to work. That means learning how to navigate that balance between vulnerability, authenticity and power in your interactions, and becoming a role model for empathy and confident curiosity.

“This has been so much more than I thought it would be… so helpful and invigorating! it’s helped me change my tone to one that’s more empathy-driven.”

Fearless communication doesn’t come from our brains.

Most of us never learned how to work with discomfort. Perhaps we learned to think our way out of difficulty, but thinking disconnects us from ourselves and from each other. Our Analyzing mind creates defenses and justifications. To truly connect with other humans, we need to drop into our bodies… into the discomfort…. and from there, move into a more empowered, embodied space.

But this can’t be accomplished by reading about it. Like riding a bike, it’s experiential.

“I read plenty, and I try to incorporate these ideas… but this is the first time I’ve had a chance anywhere to practice this “how would you go in differently.” My friends and I practice something similar but it’s not anywhere on this level. Just… wow. Thank you.”

You need a safe space to learn and practice a new way of being. 

Groundbreaking is an experiential group coaching program that provides this safe space to move through discomfort into the freedom on the other side. You’ll develop greater confidence to model being more human at work by: 

  • Learning how to access your whole-mind wisdom, bringing Analyzing Mind into balance with body-based Sensing and Feeling Minds. 
  • Practicing with discomfort in a safe, small-group environment with peers. 
  • Role-playing difficult situations from your workplace to find new groundbreaking solutions. 

About the program:

The goal is to begin transforming your workplace culture into one that’s more human and authentic by first transforming yourself. And your skills will transfer into your home life as well.

We are currently taking applications for our 6-week beta program, which will kick off in August, 2020. This small-group program includes:

  • One 1:1 private coaching session 
  • One introductory group session
  • Small Group Practice Space: Four 90-min sessions (max 6 – 8 participants)
  • Open Office Hours: 4 optional calls for Q&A and role play

The space will be held by: 

Jen Rice and Johnnie Moore, who each confess to being a “brain on a stick” before doing the hard work of emotional excavation. 

Jen Rice is a former management consultant with three decades of customer-centric strategy under her belt; she’s now a transformation coach, speaker, photographer and nomad based in T’bilisi, Republic of Georgia. Jen was also lay-ordained in the Zen Peacemaker lineage. 

“Within weeks, Jennifer was able to walk me through a door I never knew existed. The process she uses is hardly difficult, but I certainly didn’t expect the seismic shifts in my thinking, my body or heart. I can authentically say, my confidence is growing, my health is improving, and my attitude at work has transformed.” – Krystal, Sales Director

Johnnie Moore is a facilitator, coach, and author of Unhurried Conversations, based in London. He’s also a visiting tutor at the Saïd Business School at Oxford University. Prior to his facilitation work, he owned a creative agency. 

“Facilitating international groups of activists over several days is a tough gig. But Johnnie does it brilliantly, with passion, humility and commitment. That’s why we keep asking him back.” Becky – International Development Director 

You can read more about our backgrounds here

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